Bespoke Jewellery Northamptonshire

Is it a ring – or a token of love?

Not just a necklace – but a present she’ll wear.

Whether it’s a bangle, a brooch or earrings – it’s a keepsake, a memory or a gift.

A gift of jewellery isn’t just something to admire; handmade jewellery is thoughtful and shows love.

Whatever you’re looking for – my bespoke jewellery is something special.

I’ve got a wide range of unique, hand-made pieces available to buy. But maybe you want something imaginative and thoughtful, specific to you.

I can make the piece you want. With skills developed over 30 years - if you can visualise it, I’ll create it.

Maybe you have something special in need of repair, I’ll restore your old jewellery, or transform it into something new.

At Red Rocks Jewellery – you’ve found something beautiful, unique and eye-catching.

Red Rocks Jewellery Raunds

Northampton Jeweller

I'm a bespoke jeweller and have my own workshop in Raunds, just a few miles north of Northampton.

For jewellery that is bespoke and unique to you, or for bringing an old piece back to life, do get in touch with me Tracey, your Northamptonshire bespoke jeweller.

Northamptonshire bespoke jeweller